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Dr. Dipankar Chatterji

Transport Economist

Transport Economist, HDM4 specialist, Financial Analyst, Evaluation Expert as Econometrician.

Dr. Dipankar Chatterji (Chattopadhyay)

Completed Masters in Economics and PhD in transport economics and the work experience in 17 countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. More than 25 years experience as Transport Economist, HDM4 specialist, Financial Analyst, Evaluation Expert as Econometrician in the areas of Highways, roads, bridges, rural roads, Rail Infrastructure, responsible as Transport Economist to conduct ECONOMIC evaluation of road infrastructure projects including determination of NPV and EIRR, their sensitivity analysis using HDM-IV Model version 2.08 along with determination of time value, cargo holding time value and procurement data for HDM. Expertise in traffic forecasting including GENERATED and INDUCED traffic in post project period with statistical models taking into consideration present and future economic activities and quantitative estimation. Considerable experiences gathered in ROAD STRATEGY ANA LYSIS, PROGRAM ANALYSIS and determination of Maintenance Regime with budget and without budget conditionality. Expertise in quantifying impacts of investment in roads, project in Vietnam, Nepal, India.

Education : BSc, (Math, Physics) - Calcutta University, India, 1972. Diploma on UNO and International understanding - Institute of UN studies, India, 1974 – 1975. MA (Economics with econometrics and statistics) - Jadavpur University, India, 1988. PhD (Transport-related Economics) - Calcutta University, India, 1994. Diploma on Gender, Poverty, Development - World Bank Institute, 2005

Professional Training : HDM-4 version 2.04 –Roads Appraisal, RED Model –Road Appraisal, ORN 22 Social Benefit Software Tool of TRL Ltd., UK–Road Appraisal, COSTAB (Agriculture Projects), Monte Carlo Simulation for Probability estimation, Gravity Model-Traffic Diversion Analysis, Forecasting Model for travel demand including generated and induced traffic

Countries of Work Experience : India, Eritrea (2002); Oman (2004), Bhutan (2005), Sri Lanka (2007, 2010), Sudan(2008), Afghanistan(2009), Ethiopia (2009); Mozambique(2010); Nigeria (2010); Guyana (2011), Nepal (2011), Viet Nam (2012), Cambodia (2013), Ghana (2013)

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